Happy not to have any long drives for a day or two. Happier still to be staying with friends, Jamie and Maren Showkeir in their lovely Phoenix home.

I first met Jamie Showkeir some 15 years ago. Over the years, we have done several servant-leadership presentations together, which I have enjoyed. Five years ago Jamie met and married his wife Maren, who is a journalist by profession. They are a wonderful couple, and they have written together a great book that was recently published by Berrett-Koehler titled, Authentic Conversations.

Saturday night, I was also happy to have dinner with another good friend, Jeff McCollum. Jeff and I first met in 1991, when I had visited with him at the AT&T Consumer Products Division offices in New Jersey, and where I had learned that they had recently renamed their conference room after Robert Greenleaf. Jeff eventually served for many years on the Greenleaf Center board and was a great asset. For nearly 20 years Jeff has written dozens of superb reviews of servant-leadership books. He has also written several essays that I have included in the servant-leader anthologies that I have edited, including an outstanding piece (written with Joel Moses) on Greenleaf’s involvement with the Assessment Method, set to appear in the next servant-leadership anthology (The Spirit of Servant-Leadership; Shann Ferch and Larry Spears, Editors; forthcoming from Paulist Press). I was glad to meet Jeff’s wife, Jennifer, for the first time.

--Larry Spears [Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010]