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1   Link   fortuitousencounters.com
The website for one of Larry's newest books about the people, places, or ideas that make a positive difference in our lives. Share your encounters and you may be in Larry's next book!
2   Link   Scanlon Leadership Network
The Scanlon Leadership Network is a nonprofit association of organizations that follow the Principles of Joe Scanlon and Dr. Carl Frost. Scanlon companies have been practicing servant leadership for over 60 years and many of their members are among the most admired organizations in their industries. Servant Leader Max DePree is a Scanlon Steward. This site is considered one of the best sites on gainsharing and motivation on the internet.
3   Link   Scanlon Foundation
This is the home site of the Scanlon Foundation.
4   Link   Greenleaf Center
5   Link   International Journal of Servant Leadership
The journal reflects the ideals of educating the whole person, living a life of personal courage and moral discernment, and striving to be a person for others in order to help heal the heart of humanity. The journal is founded on Greenleaf's notion that the true test of a servant-leader is that those around the servant-leader become more healthy, more wise, more free, more autonomous, and better able themselves to become servants; and the least privileged of society are benefited or at least not further deprived.
6   Link   Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
The Master’s in Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary, online leadership degree that incorporates knowledge from the social sciences, communication field, arts, humanities, and business, into a transformational leadership curriculum. Designed for aspiring leaders in corporate, government, not-for-profit, or community organizations, Gonzaga’s innovative online masters in leadership will equip you with the tools necessary to lead in any organization. Program typically takes two years to complete, and requires a 3-day residency on campus.



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