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General facts about the Spears Center.

The Larry C. Spears Center for Servant-Leadership, is an exciting new venture of the longtime President & CEO (1990-2007) of The Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership, Larry Spears. In addition, Larry Spears also teaches graduate courses in Servant-Leadership for Gonzaga University (Spokane, Washington).

Larry Spears - Spears Center for Servant Leadership

Goodness! You've accomplished a lot. Thank you, Larry, for continuing and enhancing the ideas of my old friend, Bob Greenleaf. You're a gentleman and scholar. And, thank you for your contributions to our society.

Warren Bennis, friend and author, On Leadership

Good friend and partner! Keep leaving a legacy. When we were born, our work was born with us. You're doing it well. You are a servant-leader trim tab. With love and adoration, and deep appreciation.

Stephen Covey, friend and author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Speaking and Travel Schedule

Listed below is my past speaking and travel schedule. While speaking engagements are often closed to the general public, I am always happy to connect with supporters wherever I travel. I invite you to be in touch with me.

Travel Schedule and Presentations

Feb. 22, 2008 New Holland, Pennsylvania; Servant-Leadership Workshop
Feb. 29-March 1, 2008 Atlanta, Georgia; Policy Governance Workshop
April 2, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana; IUPUI Servant-Leadership Presentation

May 5-6, 2008 Detroit, Michigan; Scanlon Leadership Conference
May 7, 2008 Detroit, Michigan; Scanlon Foundation Board Meeting

May 16-17, 2008 Virginia Beach, Virginia; Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable
June 5-7, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana; Greenleaf Center Conference
July 4-8, 2008 Scotland, Travel/Research
July 9-12, 2008 Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Presentation, Servant-Leader Research Roundtable
July 24-25, 2008 Cincinnati, Ohio; Union Institute Board Meeting
October 30-31, 2008 Cincinnati, Ohio; Union Institute Board Meeting


Speaking of Servant Leadership

Larry is a frequent speaker on servant-leadership. He also leads group retreats and is available for special Reading-and-Dialogue sessions.

The titles of some of his addresses include "Servant-Leadership and the Honoring of Excellence," “Servant-Leadership and Business,” and "Robert K. Greenleaf's Influence on Trusteeship."

Among his recent keynote presentations are addresses to the Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable, the Louisiana Office of Mental Health, Gonzaga University, the Greenleaf Center, and Indiana Campus Compact.

Larry has been called today’s foremost authority on servant-leadership. Since 1990, Larry has given two hundred keynote addresses on servant-leadership on four continents, a dozen countries, and forty states.

Among his recent keynote presentations are the following:
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA). Presentations. Taught class. Meetings. 03.24-28.15.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI). Presentation. 03.06.15.

  • Greenleaf Center Conference (Atlanta, GA). 09.23-25.14.
  • Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable (Virginia Beach, VA). Keynote address. 05.8-9.14.
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA). Presentations. Taught class. 03.20-22.14.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI). Presentations. 03.6-7.14.
  • Servant-Leadership Winter Conference (San Diego, CA). Conference. 02.2-5.14.

  • Greenleaf Centre-UK Conference (London, England). Conference presentation. 11.7-8.13.
  • Minneapolis, MN Meetings. 10.23-24.13
  • Greenleaf Center Conference (Indianapolis, IN). Conference. 06.13-14.13
  • Servant-Leadership Roundtable (Virginia Beach, VA). Presentation. 05.11-12.13.
  • Servant-Leadership Winter Conference (San Diego, CA). Conference. 02.5-7.12
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). Meetings. 01.03-31.13.
  • January Term at Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). Taught January Term 01.03-31.13.


  • Greenleaf Center-United Kingdom (London, England). Conference. 11.6-7.12.
  • East Carolina University (Greenville, NC). Keynote address. 10.25.12.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA). Presentation. 10.3.12.
  • Minneapolis, MN. Presentation. 09.04-07.12.
  • Lewiston, ID. Presentation. 08.20.12.
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA). Presentation. 08.15-18.12.
  • Trinity Western University (Vancouver, British Columbia). Presentation. 08.13.12.
  • Quaker Leadership Conference/Earlham School of Religion (Richmond, IN). Presentation. 08.10-11.12.
  • Trinity Western University (Vancouver, British Columbia). Presentation. 07.16.12.
  • Greenleaf Center Conference (Indianapolis, IN). 06.21-22.12.
  • Catholic Business Education Conference (Dayton, OH). Presentation. 06.18-19.12.
  • Presbyterian Church Pension Board (Philadelphia, PA). Workshop. 05.22.12.
  • Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable (Virginia Beach, VA). Presentation. 05.12-13.12.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI). Presentation. 04.19.12
  • Rasmussen College (Blaine, MN). Two presentations. 04.18.12
  • Project Management Institute-MN (Plymouth, MN). Workshop and Keynote Address. 04.17.12.
  • Bloomington, MN Meetings. 04.12-13.1
  • Des Moines, IA Meetings. 02.23-24.12.
  • Portland Center (Portland, OR). Keynote Address. 01.27.12.
  • George Fox College (Portland, OR). Presentation. 01.27.12.
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). 01.9-10.12.
  • Greenleaf Centre-United Kingdom Conference (London, England). 11.09-10.11.
  • George Williams Retreat Center (Lake Geneva, WI). Presentation. 10.5.11
  • College of St. Elizabeth (Morristown, NJ). Presentations. 07.11-13.11
  • Greenleaf Center Conference (Dallas, TX). 06.09-10.11
  • Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable (Virginia Beach, VA). Presentation. 05.14-15.11.
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). Presentation. 04.10.11
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). Presentation with Richard Leider, “Savoring Your Life Through Servant-Leadership.” 04.09.11
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA). 6 hour intensive graduate course. 04.01.11
  • Spokane Leadership Connection (Spokane, WA). 1 hour presentation.03.31.11
  • Booksigning (Spokane, WA). 03.30.11
  • Marylhurst College (Portland, OR). Conference presentation. 03.22-23.11.
  • Leadership Institute For Education (LIFE) (Indianapolis, IN). Participation in two-day Greenleaf Center program. 03.3-4.11
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI). 6 hour workshop presentation; and, 2 hour presentation to Servant-Leadership Book Group. 02.08.11
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). 01.06.11
  • Greenleaf Centre-United Kingdom Conference (London, England). 11.09-10.10.
  • Servant-Leadership Conference (Portland, OR). Keynote presentation. 10.21.10.
  • Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA). Taught class + presentations. 10.18-19.10.
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). 06.13-14.10
  • Scanlon Conference (Kalamazoo, MI). Presentation and meeting. 05.25.10.
  • Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). 04.18-20.10
  • Butler University (Indianapolis, IN), 1 hour presentation on, “The Meaning and Practice of Servant-Leadership,” 08.16.10.
  • Friends Association for Higher Education Conference (Oskaloosa, IA), 90-minute keynote presentation on, “Servant-Leadership, Quakers, and Higher Education,” 06.19.10.
  • Greenleaf Center Conference (Atlanta, GA), 90-min. presentation on “The Council of Equals,” with George SanFacon, 06.18.10.
  • Servant-Leadership Roundtable, Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA), presentation on “Present and Future Projects,” 05.15.10.
  • Servant-Leadership Learning Community (Indianapolis, IN), 1 hr. presentation on “Savoring Servant-Leadership,” 02.05.10
  • Vail Leadership Institute (Vail, CO), 1 hr. telephonic presentation, “Servant-Leadership,” 07.21.09.
  • Servant-Leadership Roundtable (Virginia Beach, VA), 30 minute talk: A Selected Review of Servant-Leadership Literature, 05.18.09
  • Scanlon Leadership Conference (Kalamazoo, MI), presentation: On The Human Treatment of Human Beings, 05.12.09
  • Service and Learning Conference, Geneva College (Pittsburgh, PA), panel program and keynote presentation: Robert K. Greenleaf and Servant-Leadership, 04.14.09
  • Hope College (Holland, MI), presentation: Servant-Leadership, 03.31.09
  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence/Champions Club Meeting (Orlando, FL), keynote presentation: Introduction to Servant-Leadership: Concept, Characteristics, and Practices, 03.12.09
  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (Arlington, VA), 1 day retreat: Understanding and Practicing Servant-Leadership, 12.17.08
  • Catholic Charities (Peoria, IL), 3 hour program: Personal Practices of Servant-Leadership, 11.05.08
  • Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN), 30 minute talk: Robert K. Greenleaf and Servant-Leadership, 10.06.08
  • 3M Company Seminar (St. Paul, MN), 1 hour presentation: The Meaning and Practice of Servant-Leadership, 10.07.08
  • 20th Annual David W. Preuss Leadership Award Program (St. Paul, MN), 30 minute talk: Shannon, Greenleaf, and Servant-Leadership, 10.07.08
  • Servant-Leader Writer’s Retreat (Brooklyn, MI), 3 day facilitated retreat, 09.26-28.08
  • Servant-Leadership Learning Community (Indianapolis, IN), 2 hour presentation: Servant-Leadership: Past, Present, and Future, 08.08.08
  • Servant-Leadership Global Research Roundtable (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), 1 hour presentation: Review of Servant-Leadership Literature, 07.09-11.08
  • DePauw University Alumni Weekend (Greencastle, Indiana), acceptance remarks made upon receiving their Community Leader Award, 06.14.08
  • Federal Aviation Administration (Grapevine, TX), 2 hour presentation: Understanding Servant-Leadership, 05.14.08
  • IUPUI Emerging Leaders (Indianapolis, IN), 1.5 hour presentation: Servant-Leadership and Service-Learning, 04.02.08
  • Mennonite Central Committee Gathering (New Holland, PA),1 day workshop: The Spirit of Servant-Leadership, 02.22.08
  • Louisiana Office of Mental Health Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Indiana Author’s Bookstore Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.
  • International Policy Governance Association Conference, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Arizona Organizational Development Network Conference, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Faculty Enrichment Presentation, Alma College, Alma, Michigan
  • Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
  • Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana
  • College Leadership Boot Camp, Disney World, Florida
  • Greenleaf Center International Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Scanlon Leadership Network Conference, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Indiana Campus Compact Conference, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana
  • CEO Netweavers, Dallas, Texas
  • St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas
  • Clinton School of Public Service, Little Rock, Arizona
  • Fetzer Institute Program, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Servant-Leadership Seminar, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington
  • Greenleaf Center-United Kingdom Conference, London, England
  • Servant-Leadership Program, Noble Prize Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Servant-Leadership Program, Latin School, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Servant-Leadership Program, Friends Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Servant-Leadership Research Roundtable, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Servant-Leadership Program, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio
  • Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Avista Company Program, Seattle, Washington
  • Servant-Leadership Program, Seattle, Washington
  • Servant-Leadership Presentation, Atlanta, Georgia

Larry C. Spears and Robert K. Greenleaf

For two decades, Larry has encouraged a deepening understanding of Robert Greenleaf’s original writings on servant-leadership while also significantly enlarging upon our understanding of its applications. Larry has sought to serve Robert Greenleaf’s message, and spirit, in many ways—Larry Spears and Robert Greenleaf

• In the 1980’s Larry was on the staff of Friends Journal, a Philadelphia-based Quaker magazine, when he first encountered Robert Greenleaf’s ideas in several articles published by Friends Journal.

• In March 1990, Larry was named CEO of The Greenleaf Center and marshaled its relocation from Massachusetts to Indianapolis.

• In September 1990, Larry visited with Bob Greenleaf eight days before he died.

• In 1991, Larry organized a remembrance program for Bob Greenleaf, which evolved into the Greenleaf Center’s annual conference on servant-leadership.

• In 1991, Larry discovered the existence of dozens of previously unknown and/or unpublished writings by Greenleaf, written over a period of nearly fifty years. He secured support from Lilly Endowment and established a blue-ribbon committee which spent two years reading the newly discovered writings, comparing them to Greenleaf’s published work.

* In 1992 Larry surveyed Robert Greenleaf's writings and identified Greenleaf's ten most frequently mentioned characteristics of the effective servant-leader.  Since then Larry's own writings on servant-leadership characteristics has resulted in several hundred articles, papers, and dissertations that have been written by others.  Millions have been introduced to servant-leadership through Larry's writings, and through his appearances on radio and television. 

• In 1996 Berrett-Koehler published two collections of Robert Greenleaf’s unpublished writings: On Becoming a Servant-Leader (edited by Larry C. Spears and Don M. Frick), and Seeker and Servant (edited by Larry C. Spears and Anne Fraker).

• In 1998, Larry collected and edited a series of Greenleaf’s writings previously available only as separate essay. This was published by Berrett-Koehler as The Power of Servant-Leadership.

• In 2002, Larry conceived and edited the 25th anniversary edition of Greenleaf’s book, Servant Leadership. He added to it a special Introduction by Stephen Covey, and an Afterword by Peter Senge.

• In 2003, Larry conceived and edited (along with Hamilton Beazley and Julie Beggs) a collection of writings by Bob Greenleaf titled The Servant-Leader Within, which was published by Paulist Press.

• In 2004, Larry’s appearance on NBC’s Dateline introduced ten million viewers to Robert Greenleaf and his writings.

• Since 1990, Larry has published and spoken widely in his heartfelt effort to raise public awareness of Robert Greenleaf and servant-leadership practices. Following eighteen years with The Greenleaf Center, this goal remains the primary emphasis for his work at The Spears Center.

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